Kingdom of Light Chronicles Book I (Volume 1)

Curio and The Land of Wate is a young adult supernatural, fantasy novel about a boy on a quest for freedom. It is Book l in the Kingdom of Light Chronicles series. It is full of fast paced action, adventure, and romance.

Curio is a First Day Child, born once every hundred years, who’s first spoken word will foretell the future of all the inhabitants of the Land of Wate. When Curio’s first word unexpectedly causes controversy, Wate’s ruling elite mark him for observation as they believe he is a possible threat to their way of life, while a group of radicals called Resistors (also known as Dissentients by the governing forces of Wate) believe he is the prophesied Messenger who will usher in the return of a long forgotten King.

As Curio begins to mature, the ruling elite, led by the Grand Council and the mysterious and occult-powered Trenchers, attempt to lure Curio to their cause, first with promises of honor and riches, then by threats of execution and banishment to the treacherous Outerlands where he would be eaten alive by the legendary and sinister Atranubi. Despite the Grand Council’s best efforts, Curio publically defies the ruling elite during his Rite of Passage ceremony. When Curio subsequently joins the Resistors, he is quickly marked for death. Soon thereafter, one of Curio’s new allies is imprisoned and executed by Atranubi, and Curio, realizing that he has endangered the lives of his friends and loved ones, makes the difficult decision to abandon Wate and seek the legendary lost King.

After Curio conducts a daring escape, his closest friends Gevenway and Lilanot are left to pay a great price for Curio’s crimes, which begins to chart the course of their individual destinies. As Curio continues on his journey to find the King, he discovers that life is not nearly as simple or as black and white as he had thought it was and that great causes sometimes require great cost. However, with the help of old friends and new, mysterious allies, and the supernatural winged Volucris, Curio relentlessly presses on to fulfill his quest to bring ultimate freedom to the citizens of Wate.

Reader’s Quotes


What Makes You Unique As A Writer?

I live inside my head. I’m a visual artist by trade so I see everything inside my head first. In there I roam the hills of foreign lands and meet the characters that live there. I create there; I write there. THERE is a great place to be. The best part for me is bringing ‘there’ to the outside world, whether it be in a painting or a novel.

Who or what inspires you?

Martyrs inspire me. Over-comers inspire me. The ones who lay down their lives for a worthy cause, for a friend, for love; who rise above the status quo and fight. Though it cost them everything, in the end they always win because love never fails. Love always wins.

What constitutes a great novel?

A great novel has relate-ability, honesty and passion. It must have the heart of a warrior at its center – especially if that warrior is wounded, raw, flawed and real, but chooses to overcome in-spite of all the forces that oppose him or her. A great novel is a hero’s journey for we are all heros of our own story.

What is your favorite part about the writing process?

My favorite part of writing is getting on the roller-coaster. Sometimes it’s terrifying because I have no idea where I’m headed or what the ride is going to be like, but I’m strapped in and there’s no getting off it until it’s finished.